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  1. Time it Right

When  it comes to feedback, the timing of it truly matters. Because feedback is most effective at the moment or right after, don’t compile your feedback all year long and then deliver it all at once. For everyone’s sake and growth, learn to provide effective feedback in a timely manner. This way, the employee is in the moment  and can immediately adapt.

  1. Prepare

Although you should be providing your feedback in a timely manner,  that doesn’t mean you should not take the time  to prepare yourself first. Use facts, examples and statistics to substantiate your references to particularly outstanding work on the positive side, or to issues in need of attention on the negative side. This helps to give the employee some perspective, and lessens  the chance that they will respond negatively  to the feedback.

  1. Offer a Solution

The whole point of feedback is to offer an  opportunity to  improve. When you are providing feedback to an employee, be sure  to offer a solution. What does a solution look like?  It could be emotional guidance, additional training, or otherwise, to make sure the individual leaves the meeting with a clear sense of how they can improve.

  1. Listen

While feedback can be extremely helpful in  the workplace, it has to be done  with a listening ear in order to successful. If  the employee  is telling you something that pertains to their feedback,  listen to them! They know themselves and their work habits best. 

  1. Be Sincere

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind when  providing  feedback. Be sincere with  your employee.  Remember  that you are both human beings striving to be better.  Whether you’re giving positive comments or negative criticism, effective feedback must be earnest. State how you feel about the issue, and pay attention to your tone of voice and body language so that the person not only hears your sincerity but feels it too.


Feedback is a useful and truly necessary tool for business success. Therefore, it’s  important to use  the tool correctly. When giving feedback in the workplace  (or anywhere), make sure  to time it well. Prepare the words  you want to  say and be willing to offer a solution. Additionally, make sure you listen to the other  person and be sincere and earnest.